Writer, speaker, podcaster, unlicensed historian, applied ranter…

I’m the author of over 80 books. You can find out about some of them at my other website.

I am the co-host of the Mid-faith Crisis Podcast.

I am on mastodon at @nickpage@mastodonapp.uk

I live in Oxfordshire, UK. I used to do a lot of speaking at churches, church weekends, retreats, book festivals and other events. Nowadays, not so much. But still open to interesting offers.

Latest books include Christmas: Truth, Tradition and Total Baubles, The Badly Behaved Bible, A Nearly Infallible History of the Reformation and The Dark Night of the Shed, a look at men, midlife, spirituality and sheds. I’m currently working on a book about old churches.

A lot of my work has focused on church history – particularly the early church. Books include A Nearly Infallible History of Christianity, Revelation Road, and The Longest Week trilogy (Kingdom of Fools, The Wrong Messiah, The Longest Week).

Nick Page @nickpage